High-Speed Business Internet Anywhere!

......Using Two-Way Satellite

Frustrated?.....Ever had one of those days? Your package is missing and the courier company explains how to track it on their website. You telephone for a catalogue only to find that a paper copy no longer exists, but full descriptions and order forms are available online. Like it or not, the Internet has become an essential business tool and the faster it is the more time and money you will save.

Can't get DSL or cable! .....Today, most business locations need to be serviced by a fast and reliable communication system. Not having access to high speed Internet is a major business disadvantage. Can you afford not to have it?

NovaConnect is your solution! .....Now you can have high speed Internet no matter where you are located in Canada.

What if.....Most of your offices are already connected with high speed Internet, but some remote locations can only get slow dial-up modems? Now, regardless of their geographic locations, you can speed up your slow sites and integrate them with the rest of your network using NovaConnect high-speed connectivity.

About NovaConnect .....NovaConnect has been designed using the latest in Internet and satellite technology. Utilizing Telesat's Anik E2 satellite, it has been developed specifically to provide underserved Canadian businesses with high speed connectivity. It will provide download speeds that are more than 20 times faster than a dial-up modem.

NovaConnect is ultra reliable, easy to install and requires no external terrestrial infrastructure. The system is comprised of two PCI cards that fit into your PC or server, a 96 cm satellite antenna plus operating software.

NovaConnect is a service of Novanet Communications Limited (www.novanetcomm.com). Novanet has been distributing mission critical and time sensitive data via satellite, for major Canadian corporations, since 1989. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff has a well established reputation for providing the highest quality network management services.


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