• Provides high speed Internet connectivity when you can't access DSL or cable.

  • NovaConnect provides a complete suite of ISP services including email accounts, Web hosting, FTP services and multicasting.

  • NovaConnect is a truly Canadian service utilizing a satellite that is owned and operated by Telesat Canada. The network operations center and the support staff are located right here in Toronto rather than in the USA.

  • NovaConnect is only available to businesses. You don't have to compete with home owners for bandwidth.

  • NovaConnect is built on an enterprise level of service, technical support, systems integration and customization.

  • NovaConnect includes its own proprietary security scheme and it is VPN friendly.

  • With NovaConnect, you are always connected and download speeds are more than 20 times faster than with a dial-up modem.

  • Minimal equipment is required. The system is comprised of two PCI cards that fit into your PC or server, a 96cm satellite antenna plus operating software.

  • A variety of service packages are available, allowing you to choose the solution best suited to your business needs.

  • High speed NovaConnect connectivity can be provided anywhere in Canada.

  • In addition to Internet connectivity, NovaConnect can be used to provide a private business Intranet allowing you to connect all of your locations together.



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